Zibbz: "Stone is a call to stand up against bullying and hate"

If there is someone who doesn´t know you, who are Zibbz?

We're a swiss sibling duo - living in Los Angeles & Zurich. Living for music - with no plan B. We love what we do and eventhough a musicians life can be chaotic at times, it al-ways pays off when we get to perform.

Why did you decide to go to the Swiss preselection?

Of course we always used to watch the ESC with our family when we were kids. But never felt we had the right song to compete. With «Stones» we think we have a song in hand that has the potential to make a little difference in this world..

What did you feel when you won the preselection?

Crazyness! I’ts the first time ever that we won something and we feel very proud to know our country supports our music!

Tell us about your song "Stones".

We wrote «Stones» in a songwrite-camp with the Canadian songwriter Laurell Barker. The message is something which moves us all deeply and sadly still is a problem in today’s world. It's about inclusion, equality, diversity and tolerance. It's a call to stand up against bullying and hate.

How will be your staging? Will be differences in relation the Die Entscheidungsshow final?

We have designed an amazing little set-up for the Swiss final show and we know we’re going to give 120% and enjoy every minute. That’s all we can do. The rest is up to the audience!

Have you listened to your opponents? What do you think about them? What do you think about the Spanish song?

Yes, there are so many strong songs and acts this year. We are very excited to be a part of this great line-up.

Will you do promotion throughout Europe?

We are currently doing preparations here in LA but will be back in Switzerland in a few weeks and are definitely taking part in the European pre-shows in April! We are looking forward to meeting the amazing community we have already had contact with online!

What is your favourite ever Eurovision song? And from Switzerland?

Of course ABBA is the most legendary performance, but our absolute favorites are Common Linnets. As of the Swiss performances, we loved the Lovebugs entry and of course the great Celine Dion! 

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